About unearthed

Unearthed is a wholesaler of wood products made from the oldest workable wood in the world - 45,000+  year old buried Kauri wood. Our products produced from this wood are now available to the New Zealand and international markets on a sustainable basis for the first time.

Unearthed is a wholly owned subsidiary of multi award winning Ancient Kauri Kingdom Ltd.

To ensure the authenticity of our products, Unearthed has exclusively contracted Ancient Kauri Kingdom to extract, mill and dry and the 45,000+ year old buried New Zealand Kauri wood.

“Incorporating our award winning retail best practices (including unique value added sales collateral and quality packaging) with our best selling products and competitive pricing, will ensure our new “UNEARTHED” wholesale products quickly become top sellers and a market leading brand”.

About New Zealand Buried Kauri Wood

Digging up Ancient Kauri
Hand made Kauri wood products

The wood in our products – buried Kauri (pronounced “co-ree”) – has been salvaged from peat bogs where it has been preserved in the ground for more than 45,000 years. The giant Kauri trees fell over and were buried by an unexplained act of nature long before the onset of the last two Ice Ages.

Over the millennia the wetlands that formed created a uniquely balanced underground cocoon to protect the buried wood. Immersed in water and sealed from air the wood is preserved in almost perfect condition.

Buried Kauri wood is the oldest workable wood in the world.

This buried Kauri wood is very, very old. It is older than the migration of Neanderthal man into North America, cave paintings in Europe and the extinction of the Mammoth.

Over 20 samples of the buried Kauri wood have been independently radio carbon dated and found to be more than 45,000 years old.

Tests were conducted all over the world including the New Zealand University of Waikato, The University of Sydney, Australia, the Beta Analytic Inc, USA and Queen University, Belfast.

Buried Kauri wood is difficult & expensive to salvage.

The buried Kauri wood is found in the northern most part of the North Island of New Zealand.

Extraction of the buried logs from under the ground (wetlands) is time-consuming, expensive and technically difficult, requiring skilled operators of heavy equipment.

Working in wet conditions, logs must be carefully brought to the surface. Once removed from the ground each log is assessed, then milled to yield the best grain and timber qualities.

For this reason we contract multi award winning Ancient Kauri Kingdom Limited who are the industry and market leaders having pioneered these techniques 15 years ago.